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Why choose Solisbury Hill Solutions?

At Solisbury Hill Solutions, we measure our success by you measuring your success. We show you how to increase your ROTA while lowering your cost of doing business.  With Solisbury Hill, everyone can afford the latest technology.




We already have an IT person, outsourced company, or employee who helps us with our IT issues. Do we have to stop using them to work with Solisbury Hill?

Not at all.  While we have the ability to be your entire IT department, we also can seamlessly integrate into your existing business structure.  Please call and let one of our representatives answer any questions you may still have.


bulletCan Solisbury Hill Solutions build a customized workstation for me?

Definitely.  All of the workstations we build come standard with a two year warranty, meaning if anything breaks because of normal use or workmanship we fix it.  Most companies offer twelve months at most, at Solisbury Hill we are far more confident of our product.




Is it true that Solisbury Hill can become my entire IT department for less than the cost of a single fulltime employee?

Yes. With our TEAM IT solution we will provide all your networking, programming and internet solutions for less than the cost of a single employee.



How do I arrange a no cost initial consultation?

 Simply call us at 440.346.6448 or email us at Solisbury Hill Solutions.







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